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Structural Demolition


Are you looking for a structural demolition contractor? Miami Wrecking has carried out demolition projects for a wide range of clients, from industrial to commercial to private buildings.

Working in populated cities like Miami means that our crew is frequently working on constrained sites where the public are close at hand. Miami Wrecking takes pride in our safe and efficient demolition jobs. Our community liaison work enables clear communication before, during and after each project to ensure the impact of our work is reduced.





Safe and effective structural demolition requires careful planning and clear communication, both of which our company is well known for. From concrete and highway demolition jobs to a wide range of buildings and structures, our demolition team has developed an excellent reputation for getting the job done safely and efficiently.

Our licensed, bonded, and insured demolition experts are rigorously trained in site preparations, safety procedures and proper handling of destructed property. Miami Wrecking maintains an extensive inventory of equipment needed to meet the needs of your structural demolition project. Our vital combination of extensive training, experienced operators, and advanced equipment is what makes us one of the leading structural demolition companies in S. Florida.





When it comes to planning your demolition project, our team takes into consideration every factor and risk involved. Thorough surveys are conducted to locate hazards and other potential hidden dangers based on a variety of components and the nature of the building. Environmental factors, public and worker safety are all crucial elements of the demolition planning process, as well as cost, time and client goals.

Planning a structural demolition involves multifaceted interactions and communications between demolition planner, client, engineers, architects, regulatory agencies and more. At Miami Wrecking, the emphasis is put on strong project management, collaboration, and organization, allowing us to work faster, better and smarter.

An Experienced Structural Demolition Team You Can Trust

Miami Wrecking has completed demolition projects for numerous clients in Ft. Lauderdale, West Palm Beach, and Miami and beyond.

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