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Floor Removal



Miami Wrecking provides advanced floor covering removal in residential and commercial areas using a Twister Ride on Stripper. The Twister is the fastest, cleanest, most powerful and maneuverable floor stripper ever! There is no faster method to remove flooring currently available.


We can save you time and Money.


Floor removal was limited to slow tedious hand-held scrapers until the Floor Remover machines were introduced. Many flooring professionals still use hand removal methods for the removal of flooring materials. This process is slow, loud, and very labor intensive. Miami Wrecking can save you hours or even days by using the floor removal machines over hand removal methods. Call us today to schedule an appointment.

•VCT-Vinyl Composition Tile

•Ceramic Tile

•Quarry Tile

•Marble Tile

•Resilient Tile

•Natural Stone


•Hard Wood Floors

 glued or nailed



•Commercial Carpet

•Adhesives, Glues, Mastic

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