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      Selective Demolition

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Crews are lead by experienced foremen who have completed 30 hour OSHA, CPR and First Aid courses with an average of  7 years of employment at Miami Wrecking. All laborers have completed the 10 hour OSHA course. We perform interior demolition in the most sensitive environments ranging from high end retail to high tech facilities, hospitals and offices.




Flat sawing  Propane and Electric

  • Wall sawing

  • Core drilling

  • Breaking

  • Removal

  • Skidsteer service

  • Brokk Robotic Breaker


Equipment is company owned, maintained and operated. Operators have been rigorously trained and are 10 hour OSHA certified. They have an average of  9 years of employment at Miami Wrecking. We have “no fumes” capability on sawcutting and removal, working effectively in challenging environments including hospitals, hotels and shopping malls. 


We specialize in floor tile removal no matter if it's carpet, linoleum,

brick, or ceramic tile. We own the Twister Tile Removal Machine

and it will cut costs and save your project time.





Miami Wrecking recycles construction debris to the highest

extent possible on every project, fully complying with State and local

recycling ordinances, in most cases exceeding them.

We are fully LEED compliant. 

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