Commitment to Safety

The Fundamental Components  of Our Corporate Health and Safety Plan are:

  • Preventive and corrective action

  • Auditing and self-inspection

  • Incident investigation and root cause analysis

  • Measure positive actions rather than negative results

  • Hold everyone accountable including laborers, foreman, supervisors, superintendents and project managers responsible for activities that make safety happen

  • Reward employees for performing these tasks

  • View every near-hit, every injury, every bit of property damage as a management failure

  • Make positive safety performances by supervisors and managers a component of promotion and retention

  • We know that our employees and their families suffer the most when on-the-job injuries occur. We are proactive in training and educating our employees to prevent accidents.

  • Our goal is zero reportable OSHA injuries.


  • Each employee engaged on Miami Wrecking projects are to wear the following Personal Protective Equipment where applicable 

  • Hard Hats

  • Safety Glasses

  • Reflective Safety Vests

  • Work Gloves where appropriate

  • Hearing Protection where appropriate

  • Fall Protection where appropriate, (see attached fall protection plan)

  • Note: 100% tie-off to be employed at all times when working within 6′ of a leading edge or in an area where a leading edge perimeter has not been established.
    Note: One employee at all times to be CPR / 1st Aid Certified
    Note: First – Aid Kit to be onsite at all times
    Note: Copy of site specific safety plan to be on site at all times
    Note: Copy of MSDS sheets to be onsite at all times
    Note: Hazardous Communication Plan to be onsite at all times

  • All employees working on the site to have received the following documented training where applicable:

  • Fall Protection Awareness

  • Overhead Hazard Awareness

  • Safe Burning Techniques

  • Lead Awareness Training

  • Safe Aerial Lift Usage

  • Site Specific Safety Training

  • Note: Take 5 Meeting to take place prior to the start of each shift and following lunch break:

  • Take 5 Meeting to review activities to be undertaking in the upcoming shift with a focus on protecting life and property.

  • Prompt to inspect personal protective equipment

  • Prompt to inspect all fall protection apparatus

  • Prompt to review fall protection plan





Our demolition

management professionals

at Miami Wrecking organize,

lead and manage the

people, materials and

processes of heavy

industrial demolition,

utilizing best practices with

safety our paramount




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